Monday, June 29, 2009

Is Article Writing And Marketing The Same Thing?

If you think this is a strange question, it's not. A lot of people think that article writing and article marketing are the same thing. They are not. Sure, there is a relationship between the two, but not as much as you might think. No, you don't even have to write articles to be an article marketer. Confused? Don't worry. After you are done reading this article, your confusion will be a thing of the past.

Let's start out with article writing, which has nothing to do with marketing. Article writing is the actual process of writing an article. It does not take into consideration any end result other than the education of the reader. That education can come in the form of giving them facts, making them laugh, making them cry or just about any other emotion. Your only goal as an article writer is for the reader to get whatever it is they're supposed to get out of the article...period. That means, what YOU want is totally irrelevant.

Okay, what about article marketing? That is a totally different animal and, if we're going to be honest here, totally self serving. After all, when it comes to article marketing, the only purpose of the article is to get the reader to go to YOUR website page to either sign up for your list, buy your product, click on your Adsense or CPA link or whatever it is you have there that's been put there for the sole purpose of making YOU money. And guess what? You don't even need to write one article to accomplish this.

If you're sitting there right now scratching your head wondering how this can be, think about it. Go to Ezine Articles and look at the top authors. Do you really think what's his name wrote over 15,000 articles? A lot of these authors outsource their work. They hire people to write on various subjects and then submit the articles with links to THEIR web pages. There is no way humanly possible for somebody to write 15,000 articles in a few years.

My point is simple. Don't confuse article writing with article marketing. If you're going to article market and don't plan on outsourcing, better learn how to write. And yes, you do have to write an article that the reader is going to want to read, meaning it has to help them in some way. The key is not giving them so much information that they don't need to go to your site. That's where the article marketing smarts come in.

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