Wednesday, July 1, 2009

**1 Week Only** 100WarriorsAmbushTheWeb At 90% OFF!!!

Over the last month, our family had to deal with a health situation that left my wife off from work to care for our 2 young boys. She's been quite concerned not only for the kid's health but also about losing 1 month of salary.

Fortunately, the kids are out of harms way and getting back to their "little-selves" more and more every day!

So here is how that is relevant to you...and how you can actually benefit from this situation...

I'm holding a 1 week Off The Wall WSO over at the Warrior Forum for 100WarriorsAmbushTheWeb... the best collaboration project to ever hit the web, in an attempt to surprise my wife and replace her lost wages.

Don't wait and check it out today!

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