Thursday, February 28, 2008

Have You Listened To A Good Book Lately...

Lately, I've been listening to audio-books more and more. They are so convenient, I can listen on my mp3 player or I burn them on CD and listen in the car on road trips. Here are my latest picks:

Paul Colligan and Anik Singal discuss the secrets of leveraging blogs and press releases to bring tons of free web traffic to your affiliate marketing efforts in
Affiliate Guy Podcast Season 2, Episode 1 - Affiliate Traffic Techniques

If you're ready to finally take control of your online business and blow past your competitors, this audio-book will help you for sure !
Innovative Internet Marketing Strategies

This isn't like any huge DVD course or 20 tape set box of crap you'll never use. It's something you can digest in just minutes a day and take action on.
Niche Riches

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Call With Yanik Silver, Darren Rowse, Rosalind Gardner, Andy Jenkins and Sydney Johnston

O.k, if you've been on the Internet looking for information on how to earn income Online, I'm sure you've heard of these five high profile Internet Marketers.

Yanik Silver, Instant Sales Letter, 33 Days to Online Profits, Public Domain Riches, Autoresponder Magic, just launched is first "real" book called Moonlighting on the Internet and he invited is friends, who are also contributors in his new book, to discuss their Online businesses during a teleconference call.

Darren Rowse, talked about Blogging for money and Blogging in general. It was a very interesting discussion.

Rosalind Gardner, Super Affiliate Handbook (A Must To Take Your Affiliate Sales to a Whole New Level) , discussed how she got in the Affiliate Marketing business and shared some great advice. Rosalind as been earning a very good income and making a living as a Full Time Affiliate Marketer for 10 years now.

Andy Jenkins, Yahoo Store Builder, went on to talk about Yahoo Stores and ecommerce in general. I wouldn't start an eStore without hearing and applying what this guy as to share.

Sidney Jonhston, Auction Genius Course, was the last co-author speaker of the night. Sidney is the leading authority when it comes to Online auctions and eBay. She's been an eBay seller since the very beginning and you will learn a lot from this call alone.

The call was held last week but Yanik decided to make it available to those who missed it as a recording. The call lasted a little over 2 hours and i must say, it was worth every minute.

You can get the recording here, no opt-in, no email, no sales pitch (except maybe a couple of plugs for is new book))

Not sure how long the recording will be offered, so get it today !

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just Received WebSite Magazine February Issue

Today I received my February issue of WebSite Magazine (only print magazine for website and blog owners) (get your Free Subscription Here) and I must say that this month's content is very interesting to say the least.

The cover story is on Web Analytics and how you can better understand your website and your visitors by analyzing some basic web stats.

What most new and not so new webmasters do is check their traffic stats and don't do much with it. By digging a bit deeper you will find valuable information that will help you and your site get ahead of the game faster.

Here are key elements to look for:

Website Traffic: Traffic is a very broad term and many variables come into play here. What you want to look for is Unique visitors and Page Views. Unique Visitors is the only true measure of your site's audience size and Page Views is the best way of finding out how interactive the page and website is.

Conversions: A conversion is the completion of a predefined activity, whether it be the purchase of a product, the completion of a lead form or simply downloading a free file. By keeping an eye on this stat you will be able to test multiple variables and fine tune your "call to action pitch".

Referrals: The most important part of tracking referrals is not as much tracking which sources send the most traffic but the ones that don't send decent traffic. If you work long hours on your Social Media profiles for example and you don't see much quality traffic from it, you will need to change what you are doing or spend a bit less time on this and a bit more on what is bringing you traffic.

Bounce Rate: Pin-pointing exactly why your visitors Bounced can be very difficult if not impossible, without the chance to survey them. Poorly designed and unprofessional appearing websites are the most common causes. Slow loading pages, poor targeting or even improper optimization can also be reasons for high bounce rates.

Before tweaking and making adjustments to your sites, you should always have a way of tracking the results. Proper use and study of your Website Analytics will let you know what is working and what is not. Keep an eye on those Stats...

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monitor Search Engine Rankings

ZoomRank is an Online service that automatically tracks the ranking of a website by keyword on all the major search engines. You will no longer need to manually check your rankings on Google, Yahoo, or MSN.

You can setup multiple profiles with unique URL's, you can track your competitors search engine placements and ensure return on investment for all your search engine marketing efforts.

ZoomRank will automatically check your profile and return the page, position, overall rank, and any changes from the previous search.

I highly recommend ZoomRank to anyone who is interested in staying on top of their search engine rankings and track the effectiveness of their SEO efforts.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

472 Catch Phrases...

When you write anything, Online or Offline, you need to include catch phrases to keep your readers attention and always wanting more. Here is a list of 472 phrases that will keep them reading:

1. A word of caution:
2. Add this to…
3. After all,
4. Again,
5. Also,
6. Although,
7. Am I right about you so far?
8. And best of all…
9. And don't forget
10. And get this...
11. And guess what?
12. And here’s some great news for you:
13. And in addition to that . . .
14. And just think,
15. And like I said:
16. And look at this:
17. And now you can…
18. And now,
19. And remember…
20. And that doesn't take into account…
21. And that’s just the beginning…
22. And that’s not all…
23. And that's why
24. And the result?
25. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
26. And to prove it, here is…
27. And we don’t stop there
28. And what if I could take…
29. And what’s worse…
30. And what's more
31. And while we’re at it,
32. And yet,
33. And you know what?
34. And,
35. And, believe it or not,
36. And, of course,
37. And, oh yes, let’s not forget…
38. Another thing …
39. Anyhow,
40. Anyway,
41. Are we crazy?
42. As a result,
43. As I said,
44. As I say,
45. As if that’s not enough
46. As it turns out
47. As well as…
48. As you may have noticed…
49. As you might guess,
50. As you probably know . . .
51. As you probably remember,
52. Aside from that, one thing's for sure
53. Astonishing, isn’t it?
54. At that moment,
55. At this point,
56. Back to the purpose of this letter.
57. Back to what I was saying...
58. Bear with me, because I'm going to show you
59. Because, believe it or not,
60. Before we go any further, I want to set
something straight…
61. Believe it or not,
62. Believe me,
63. Besides,
64. Best of all,
65. Better yet,
66. Bottom line is…
67. But
68. But before I jump into the details, let me say
69. But before I share that with you, I'd like to tell
70. But before we go into that,
71. But better still…
72. But better yet…
73. But by then,
74. But don’t get me wrong…
75. But don’t take my word for it…
76. But don't worry...
77. But even if you were to…
78. But first
79. But first a warning:
80. But first a word of introduction…
81. But first, let me give you…
82. But guess what?
83. But here’s the most important part...
84. But here's something interesting:
85. But here's the thing
86. But I have an even better idea.
87. But I must let you in on a secret...
88. But I’m getting way ahead of myself.
89. But I’m jumping ahead.
90. But it doesn't stop there, either.
91. But just keep reading.
92. But let me go back to the beginning to continue
the story…
93. But let’s suppose…
94. But make no mistake about it…
95. But more on that later…
96. But now,
97. But remember this.
98. But that’s just part of the story…
99. But that's not all
100. But that's not all... Far from it!
101. But the bottom line is
102. But the problem is...
103. But there is an irony in all of this.
104. But there is just one small catch...
105. But there’s a rub – and it’s really ironic.
106. But there's even more . . .
107. But wait there’s more,
108. But wait, it didn't stop there...
109. But wait, there's more
110. But wait, You have seen NOTHING yet...
111. But what if you could...
112. But why
113. But you know what else?
114. But, here’s a problem…
115. But, I have to admit,
116. But, I tell you what:
117. But, that’s not all.
118. But, that’s only half the story…
119. But, there’s one more thing:
120. By now
121. By now, you probably have some unanswered
122. By now, you’re probably wondering…
123. By the way,
124. Can this be true?
125. Can you imagine how great that feels?
126. Check this out:
127. Consider this fact:
128. Consider this:
129. Could that be true?
130. Despite what you may have heard…
131. Do you follow me so far?
132. Does this make sense to you?
133. Don’t forget…
134. Don’t worry…
135. Don't get me wrong.
136. Even better
137. Even so,
138. Fact is,…
139. Fair enough?
140. Far fetched? Not at all.
141. Finally,
142. First of all,
143. First off,
144. First,
145. For all these reasons,
146. For example
147. For example:
148. For instance
149. For instance:
150. For now,
151. For starters,
152. for what it's worth,
153. Frankly,
154. Further
155. Furthermore
156. Get this:
157. Hang on to your seat because…
158. Has this ever happened to you?
159. Heck,
160. Heck, you don’t even need…
161. Here
162. Here are some examples...
163. Here are some more random examples:
164. Here are the answers:
165. Here are the details.
166. Here is a way to think about it:
167. Here is just a sample of…
168. Here is something else to keep in mind:
169. Here is the reason why . .
170. Here is why:
171. Here’s a clue:
172. Here’s how easy it is…
173. Here’s more…
174. Here’s proof:
175. Here’s the deal:
176. Here’s the scary part:
177. Here’s the secret…
178. Here’s what else…
179. Here’s what this is all about:
180. Here’s why
181. Here’s your chance to…
182. Here'ls why
183. Here's how
184. Here's something else.
185. Here's something you probably don't know
186. Here's the deal
187. Here's the real kicker:
188. Here's the real truth:
189. Here's the story:
190. Here's the thing:
191. Here's what I mean
192. Here's what this is all about
193. Here's what to do now
194. Here's why
195. Here's why, Here's how . . .
196. Hey,
197. How
198. How can that be?
199. How can you beat that?
200. How did I do it?
201. How do I know?
202. How?
203. However,
204. However, don't take my word for it
205. However, that's not all
206. However, the problem is…
207. However, there's more
208. However, wait until you see
209. How's that possible?
210. I can't stress this enough...
211. I could go on and on…
212. I know, you're probably skeptical. Right?
213. I suppose you could…
214. I’d like to tell you more about…
215. I’ll bet you can guess what happened next.
216. I’ll tell you how.
217. I’m sorry, but…
218. I’m telling you,
219. If you think it's nothing, think again…
220. I'm not kidding…
221. Impossible?
222. In a minute, I’ll tell you how you can…
223. In a nutshell,
224. In addition to that,
225. In addition,
226. In any case,
227. In any event,
228. In essence,
229. In fact
230. In fact,
231. In my experience,
232. In short,
233. In sum,
234. In truth,
235. Indeed,…
236. It all comes down to this...
237. It turns out
238. It’s simple:
239. It’s true
240. Just as a quick refresher,
241. Just for the record,
242. Just imagine…
243. Just let this sink in for a minute...
244. Just think about it:
245. Know this:
246. last but not least,
247. Let me ask you this question…
248. Let me be a bit more specific…
249. Let me explain
250. Let me explain what I mean.
251. Let me explain...
252. Let me give you a bit of an idea of…
253. Let me just quickly recap…
254. Let me prove IT to you
255. Let me repeat,
256. Let me share a secret with you.
257. Let me show you exactly how this works:
258. Let me show you how . .
259. Let me show you how dead serious I am…
260. Let me switch gears here for a moment.
261. Let’s assume, you…
262. Let’s face it…
263. Let’s take a closer look:
264. Let’s take a look:
265. Let's face it
266. Let's take that a step further.
267. Likewise,
268. Listen:
269. Listen,
270. Listen my friend,
271. Listen up
272. Listen up:
273. Listen, I'm not kidding around…
274. Listen, there’s more. Lots more.
275. Look at it this way...
276. Look at my next tip.
277. Look no further.
278. Look,
279. Look:
280. Make no mistake,
281. Make no mistake:
282. Meanwhile,
283. More about that later. For now,…
284. More details in a moment. But first…
285. More important
286. More important than that…
287. More on that in a moment – but first, let me
show you…
288. Moreover,
289. Most important of all,
290. Most importantly
291. My point is:
292. My strong hunch is…
293. Needless to say,
294. Nevertheless
295. No doubt about it
296. No wonder
297. Not many know it but,
298. Not only that,
299. Now consider what happens….
300. Now get this:
301. Now let's suppose
302. Now listen up:
303. Now wait.
304. Now, at this point,
305. Now, before I go on,
306. Now, don't get the wrong idea
307. Now, here’s the next step:
308. Now, listen to this very carefully:
309. Now, of course,
310. Now, pay attention.
311. Now, tell me...
312. Now, you’re probably wondering…
313. Now—here is all you do.
314. Oddly enough,
315. Of course
316. Of course,
317. Oh Wait! I almost forgot!
318. oh yeah, one more thing
319. OK, I know what you’re thinking…
320. OK, I'm nearly done, but…
321. OK, let me repeat that…
322. OK. You might be asking…
323. Okay, now let's get down to business:
324. Okay,
325. On the other hand,
326. One important caveat:
327. One more important point:
328. One more thing,
329. One thing I want to stress is
330. Or, if you prefer...
331. Please remember this
332. Please understand,
333. Plus,
334. Quite simply,
335. Reality is…
336. Remember -
337. Remember,
338. Remember:
339. Right off the bat,
340. Sadly,
341. Second,…
342. See for yourself…
343. Seriously
344. Seriously, put some thought into this…
345. Simply stated
346. So hang on while I explain...
347. So instead of wishful thinking...
348. So it adds up to this:
349. So let me ask you…
350. So let me summarize and review…
351. So let’s begin.
352. So remember, . . .
353. So that’s why…
354. So what do you think?
355. So what does all this mean?
356. So why am I writing to you?
357. So you’ll be glad to know . .
358. So, again,
359. So, here's what else is in store for you…
360. So, what's the answer?
361. Some specifics:
362. Something else I want to say:
363. Sound at all familiar? Take a look…
364. Stated a little differently – …
365. stated more simply
366. Still another benefit:
367. Still not convinced?
368. Suppose…
369. Surprisingly enough,…
370. Take a look:
371. That means,
372. That means…
373. That’s right,
374. That’s why…
375. That's just the tip of the iceberg
376. That's not all
377. That's when it hit me...
378. The best part is that…
379. The bottom line is…
380. The bottom-line:
381. The fact is…
382. The final facts:
383. The first reason is,
384. The key to…
385. The only real question to ask yourself is this.
386. The point is...
387. The reason being...
388. The result?
389. The result? That's where _______ fits in.
390. The secret to…
391. the simple truth is,
392. The solution…
393. The trick is…
394. The truth is,
395. Then again
396. Then he dropped the bombshell.
397. Then it hit me…
398. There’s just one more thing.
399. Therefore,
400. These are just a few
401. Think about it…
402. Think about this:
403. Think about what this means:
404. Think I'm exaggerating?
405. Think of it like this:
406. This example is going to surprise you.
407. This is not just my opinion.
408. This is really cool…
409. Thus…
410. To begin with,
411. To cut short my long story,…
412. To make a point
413. To make matters worse,…
414. To top it off…
415. Treat yourself
416. Trouble is,…
417. Truth be told,
418. Truthfully,
419. until now
420. Until recently,
421. Up until now,
422. Vitally important last and final point:
423. Wait, there’s more…
424. Want proof?
425. Want to see how it works right now?
426. Well, as a matter of fact,
427. Well, believe it or not,
428. Well, this time,
429. What
430. What about you?
431. What does all this mean to you?
432. What does this mean for you?
433. What I have decided is,
434. What I’m talking about is…
435. What it means is this:
436. What makes this so special?
437. What this all boils down to is..
438. What this means is…
439. What’s all this worth to you?
440. What’s more,
441. What’s the catch?
442. What's more
443. What's more important
444. What's this got to do with you?
445. When you first . . .
446. Which is why I’m writing to you…
447. Why am I doing this?
448. Why do I say this?
449. Why I am writing to you.
450. Why?
451. Will it work for you? Maybe, and maybe not.
452. With that in mind, here’s…
453. With that said,…
454. Within the next few days . .
455. Worst of all…
456. Yes, it’s true!
457. Yes, you read that right...
458. Yes,…
459. You know
460. You know what?
461. You know,
462. You may wonder why . .
463. You see
464. You see,
465. You start by…
466. You’ll be glad to know that
467. You’re going to love this…
468. And that’s just for starters...
469. We’re not through yet...
470. It gets even better...
471. Do you understand what this means?
472. You think I’m lying, don’t you?

Always try and include catch phrases in your writings and you will see the difference in the responses you get.

You are always welcome to leave a comment... See you soon...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Camtasia To Increase Affiliate Earnings

With the popularity of affiliate marketing, Online marketers need to find new ways to promote affiliate products and stand above the rest of the pack. Your challenge will be to try and outdo other affiliates and find new ways to do this. We all know that videos have been taking more and more space on today's Internet and what better way to wow your prospects and customers than to record and publish top notch, full motion and streaming screen-captured videos.

This is where Camtasia comes in. It is a proven fact that giving your customers something they can actually see can explode your online sales instantly.

You do not need special training to be able to know how this system can work for your affiliate program. You can create stunning videos, from multimedia tutorials to step-by-step Online presentations. The process is like having your customers seated next to you and looking over your shoulder, as you show them, step by step, the things they need to see, hear and do.

Some of Camtasia's features

- It can record your desktop activity in a single click. No need to save and compile all your files because it is recorded right there and then.

- Can easily convert your videos into web pages. Once converted you can have your customers visiting that certain page. Videos are easier to understand.

- Upload your pages. Publish them through blogs, RSS feed and podcasts. You may want your Camtasia videos to get around and reach out to other people that may be potential customers in the future. Nothing like being visible in many sites and pages to advertise yourself and get your message through.

- Create stunning multimedia presentations that are proven to increase sales because all your visitors senses are engaged. This also has the tendency to reduce skepticism among hard-to-please customers.

- Reduce refunds and other customer issues by demonstrating visually how to use your product and how to do it properly. Complaints will also be minimized because all the facts and the presentation are there for the customers to just see and hear about.

- Promote affiliate products and services using visual presentations. This is an effective way of redirecting your viewers straight to your affiliate website after they are finished with the video. Make the most of the presentation by putting your site location in the end and make them go there directly if they want more information.

- Minimize miscommunication with your customers. Instantly showing them what they wanted in the first place is making them understand clearly the essence of your affiliate program.

These are just some of the things you can do with Camtasia that can be very helpful in your chosen affiliate program. Note that the main purpose of using Camtasia is to boost the income that is generated from your affiliate program.

Focus on the goals that you have set upon yourself and let increase your Affiliate Earnings.