Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Making Money Online On A Shoestring Budget

A lot of people say to me things like, "I need to make money online but I don't have any money to spend. What can I do?" Well, while it certainly helps to have money to invest in your business, there are things you can do to make money online where you don't have to invest a cent. That's right...not one red cent. In this article, I'm going to give you a few ideas to get you going.

At the top of the list is freelancing. If you have any skill at all, such as writing, programming or graphic design, there are people out there who actually need your skill. What you take for granted, many people will pay dearly for. So what you need to do is take stock of your skills and do a little research to see if there is a demand for them. Best place to go is Elance where most of the freelancers hang out. Plus, this is where quite a few people go to look for jobs to be done. It won't cost you a cent and can make you a pretty penny in the process.

Another thing you can do is affiliate marketing. And no, you don't need money to market a product as an affiliate. As a matter of fact, you don't even need your own web site. Can't afford Adwords? Don't need it. All you need to do is go to the Clickbank marketplace and find a product to sell. Ask the creator for a review copy. Tell them you're a marketer. This works best outside of the make money niche. After reviewing the product, put your review up on a free Blogger blog. Then, simply drive traffic to it through writing a few articles and submitting them to directories. Again, this won't cost you one cent.

Finally, you can participate in online focus groups. These are a little tough to find but they pay outrageously well. Just go to Google and look up "focus groups." You'll find sites where you can register and then, when a focus group starts up, you'll be notified if you're selected. The amount of money you can make from some of these is indecent. There are some that pay four figures for just a few weeks of work. And again, this won't cost you one red cent.

Point is, you don't need money to make money online. That is a nasty rumor started by some Internet marketer who is just after your hard earned money.

No need to hand it over quite that fast.

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