Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monitor Search Engine Rankings

ZoomRank is an Online service that automatically tracks the ranking of a website by keyword on all the major search engines. You will no longer need to manually check your rankings on Google, Yahoo, or MSN.

You can setup multiple profiles with unique URL's, you can track your competitors search engine placements and ensure return on investment for all your search engine marketing efforts.

ZoomRank will automatically check your profile and return the page, position, overall rank, and any changes from the previous search.

I highly recommend ZoomRank to anyone who is interested in staying on top of their search engine rankings and track the effectiveness of their SEO efforts.


Offgrid said...

I'll give it a try.

Check out my blog.


I'm giving ShoppingAds a try - links to products on Ebay.

Jack Payne said...

Tracing search engine rankings is a real time-consuming chore. Glad to learn of the shortcut. Thanks.

ngeren said...
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