Saturday, March 29, 2008

25 Headlines That Grab And Don't Let Go...

A very important part of any sales copy is the headlines. You need great headlines and sub-headlines to move your readers down the page to your offer. Here is a compilation of 25 headlines that will get your readers to your offer...

1) How To...
The How To... headline will grab your readers attention because it tells them that they are about to learn something that could benefit them in some way. It should let them know how they will get there faster, easier, cheaper...

Example: How to write catchy headlines in seconds.

2) Tired of...
This headline gets attention because everybody gets tired of the same old thing.

Example: Are you tired of working from 9 to 5.

3) Don't Buy Another...
The Don't Buy Another... headline grabs your prospect’s attention because it cautions them with some inside knowledge you have affecting their purchasing decision. It creates uneasiness and even indecision that you will thoughtfully remove.

Example: Don't Buy Another Ebook Until You Read This!

4) If You... I Will...
This headline grabs your prospect’s attention because you’re actually making a deal and rewarding them for getting their desired benefits. It’s a win/win situation for your prospects.

Example: If you buy this copywriting Ebook I will also include this interview with...

5) Finally...
people will usually buy any number of similar products before they get the exact benefit they want. So, when we find that perfect product we are likely to say or think….FINALLY!!!

Example: Finally! An All Inclusive Website Builder That Works!

6) Inside Secrets...
An "Inside Secrets..." headline grabs your prospect’s attention because your prospects will feel that if they learn more information they'll belong to a select, privileged group of people. It also adds a rareness to your product. Rare is valuable.

Example: The Inside Secrets Of Internet Millionaires Under The Age Of 30

7) Breaking News...
A Breaking News... headline grabs your prospect’s attention because breaking news usually happens when it's really important and it can't wait until the normal news usual time. It's normally something major like severe weather, a terrorist attack, war footage, etc. It makes people stop what they're doing and take notice.

Example: Breaking News! Scientist Finds Breakthrough Acne Solution

8) ...Exposed...
An ...Exposed... headline grabs your prospect’s attention because it sounds as if somebody was trying to hide something. Your prospects will want to know what was being covered up and why.

Example: Internet Guru's Sales Tricks Exposed!

9) Unlock...
An "Unlock..." headline grabs your prospect’s attention because when something is locked-up it's perceived as being more valuable. Your product would of course be the key that will unlock the benefit for them.

Example: Unlock The Secrets Of Membership Sites!

10) Discover...
A "Discover..." headline grabs your prospect’s attention because it gives your prospects a sense of adventure. It's just like in a story when someone discovers a treasure chest or a lost artifact.

Example: Discover 5 Simple Ways To Drive Unlimited Traffic To Your Blog!

11) Specific
The "Specific" headline grabs your prospect’s attention because it makes your headline more believable. If there is a specific figure, there must be a good reason for it. It must be true or even understated.

Example: How I Made $3 462.43 in 7 Days!

12) Top...
The "Top..." headline grabs your prospect’s attention because people want to know the top, best or most popular way to get their desired benefit. They want to get the best things in life.

Example: The Top 5 Ways To Reduce Your Cholesterol!

13) Low Cost...
The "Low Cost" headline grabs your prospect’s attention because people are looking for a bargain and trying to save money. They can either be on a tight budget or thrifty shoppers.

Example: How To Find Low Cost Advertising On The Internet!

14) Used By…
The "Used By..." headline grabs your prospect’s attention because you actually use some of your famous and/or well-known clients in your headline! It gives credibly to your entire headline and offer.

Example: Our Internet Marketing Course Has Been Used By (some of your respectable clients)

15) Free Trial/Sample
The "Free Trial/Sample..." headline grabs your prospect’s attention because it removes their buying defenses. You’re not asking them to spend any money and you feel confident enough to give them a sample of your product before they decide to buy or be charged.

Example: FREE 30 Day Trial Membership To Our Private Site!

16) Serious Inquires Only...
The "Serious Inquires Only..." headline grabs your prospect’s attention because you are actually limiting those that can order based upon eligibility. A business-like approach that tells people it is direct and trust-worthy.

Example: 100's Of New Subscribers Per Week - Serious Inquires Only!

17) Tested...
The "Tested..." headline grabs your prospect’s attention because people feel more confident about reading what you have to say when tests prove the point. It is a more scientific approach not left to chance. If your product is tested and works, then it will work for them.

Example: Tried And Tested Lead Generation Capture Page!

18) Breakthrough...
The "Breakthrough..." headline grabs your prospect’s attention because people are always looking for that one breakthrough that will solve their problems or give them their desired benefit. Success where other, similar products have failed in the past.

Example: New, Breakthrough Formula That Gets Rid Of Acne Forever!

19) They Laughed...
The "They Laughed..." headline will grab your prospect’s attention because everyone has suffered being laughed at or minimized at least once. So your prospects can relate to it. They won't be afraid to get their desired benefit since you proved the people that laughed at you were wrong.

Example: They Laughed At Me When I Bought That Run-Down House Until I Sold It And Made $20,000 Profit

20) Imagine...
The "Imagine..." headline will grab your prospect’s attention because people like to leave there own reality. Why do you think TV, movies, video games, music, drugs, alcohol, etc. are so popular? Give them one or more of their desired benefits to imagine.

Example: Imagine Making $2000 In 14 Days!

21) Never Seen Before...
The "Never Seen Before..." headline will grab your prospect’s attention because people usually ignore ads. They think they have seen everything. If your product has truly never been seen before they will want to stop and read about it. NEW is very enticing!

Example: Never Seen Before! 455 New Leads In 24 Hours!

22) Are You Still...
The "Are You Still..." headline will grab your prospect’s attention because people will wonder if they are still getting the most benefit with an older product. It's also a question that they will mentally have to answer then compare to the newer product you are offering.

Example: Are You Still Using Your Old Cell Phone?

23) Proven...
The "Proven..." headline will grab your prospects attention because people want products that they know are proven to get their desired benefit. Would you want a product that's UN-proven?

Example: A Teeth Whitener That's Proven To Work!

24) Now You Can...
The "Now You Can.." headline will grab your prospect’s attention because people usually don't have their desired benefit yet if they are even considering reading your ad. Now they can learn how to get that benefit from reading the rest of your ad

Example: Now You Can Afford That Big House With The Pool!

25) Reasons To...
The "Reasons To..." headline will grab your prospect’s attention because when you ask someone to do something, don't they always ask why? It will give them a reason to read your advertisement.

Example: 10 Reasons To Start Your Own, Profitable Website!

I could probably go to a couple of 100's. When ever i find a good headline in somebody else's copy, i copy/paste it to a notepad file i have and anytime i write, i open the file and refer to it.

What are your favorite headlines?

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The First Viral Blog In The World

I've blogged about Leadsleap in the past here and i'm still very satisfied with their innovative free traffic generation system that combines the power of contextual advertising and network lead generation. If you've heard of Leadsleap before and haven't signed up for your Free Account, you can do it here.

But today i want to talk to you about The LeadsLeap Blog. It's probably the first viral blog in the world that will not only allow you to advertise your ads for free, but will also help you build leads and earn advertising credits at the same time.

Here's how it works:

They post useful information on their blog. If you find anything that is interesting to you, blog about it in your own blog and send people to the post with your "affiliate id". You could also bookmark one of the posts, again with your "personalized id", in your favorite social bookmarking website.

First, people are drawn to the blog by the interesting content. Next, they see the members ads, click on the ads and help you to earn extra credits. Finally, they too are interested in posting their ads for free and they join LeadsLeap in your team.

Unlike most network lead generation methods, LeadsLeap only allows their members to post their ads in the form of contextual ads.

This means your leads do not receive obtrusive and annoying ads from their up-lines, which in my book is a very good thing because no one likes to receive junk ads.

Best of all, this is a Free Service.

Register For Your Free Account Today !

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Don't Jeopardize Your AdSense Account... Add Your Privacy Policy Today

OK, if you logged in your Google AdSense account and did what i did, which is agree to their new terms of service without actually reading it, you could be in for a surprise.

You see, Google as made it mandatory that every Website or Blog that displays AdSense ads on any of their pages, have a Privacy Policy that clearly advises visitors specifically about cookies and web beacons.

Luckily, Jennifer Slegg from provides a Free, AdSense-friendly version, of a Privacy Policy that you can cut and paste to your Site or Blog.

And now that you have a Privacy Policy, visit for a complete Step by Step instructions to set it up on Blogger.

The whole process will take you less then 15 minutes and you are sure not to loose your AdSense Account.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Create Your Own Cash Producing Branded Ebooks... FREE

This could be one of the coolest sites that I have seen launch in a long time !!!

Viral Marketing is one of the best ways for you to sell a product or service – in fact, it's one of the best ways to make a lot of sales.

How? Thanks to the way that viral marketing works, you don't need to have a big list, or a lot of money to put into an advertising campaign – but you can still have a huge impact.

First of all, let's go over exactly what viral marketing is. (According to Wikipedia, "Viral Marketing refers to marketing techniques that use preexisting social networks to produce increases in brand awareness, through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of pathological and computer viruses. It can be word-of-mouth delivered or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet. Viral marketing is a marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message voluntarily. Viral promotions may take the form of video clips, interactive Flash games, advergames, images, or even text messages.")

Sounds complicated, doesn't it ? In plain English, Viral Marketing is just a way of getting a bunch of people to tell other people about something you've created to build a buzz about your product or service. And by passing it around to other people, it builds social proof – (because there's a kind of implied endorsement when you send something to someone else.) Sometimes you get lucky and the more it's passed around the more it takes on a life of its own.

Have you seen the "Free Hugs" video and the music – by a group called the "Sick Puppies" on YouTube. It has been viewed by millions of people. That video was responsible for launching their singing career – even though that was not the original intention. That video – and the story behind it went viral and caught the attention – and the hearts – of people all over the world. It even spawned a movement that is still going on today.

Although you might not be able to pull off a viral marketing campaign that does as well as the "Free Hugs" video, I’m about to hand you all the tools you need to quickly create (and I'm talking pushbutton) your very own branded ebooks stuffed with your own cash producing affiliate links.

Here's what you could do with your own Viral Ebooks:

- Generate easy-cash when people click your affiliate links and purchase.

- Upload your branded ebooks into free-ebook directories and have them distributed all over the web with your affiliate links.

- Build a name in the InternetMarketing community by participating in giveaways with your branded ebooks.

- Give out your branded ebooks for free to build your own enormous list.

- Sell these professionally created high quality ebooks for 100%-profit.

- Use the ebooks as bonuses to give to your customers and profit like mad on the back end.

*** Discloser ***
Like pretty much anything offered Free, you know you will need to "give out" something... In this case, you'll have to sit through a couple of One Time Offers (which are actually pretty good... I personnaly took up the automatic opt-in page creator and very happy with it). If you don't think none of the offers are right for you, just click through and you will get immediate access to Viral Ebook Explosion's member area.
*** *** *** ***

Sign up now to gain instant (And-FREE) access to the Viral Ebook Explosion member’s area and start making your own profitable viral branded ebooks Today !

P.S. I would suggest you head over there right now so you don’t miss out because these "Free" available spots are going fast.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Site Build It...Not Just For Newbies...

Special SiteSell Promotion

Every day, when having a look at the many forums i visit, i often come across these comments about Site Build It:

SBI is for beginners... SBI is a good place to start... Why pay $300 to host my website... What will SBI do for me that Dreamweaver, Frontpage or any of the other editors won't do... SiteSell controls your domain... It doesn't allow "server-side" functions like forums, advanced shopping carts, and datafeeds...

These, and many others, are all myths. Some of these myths are over 5 years old and no longer true. And some, well, I have no idea where they come from.

I have already posted a Site Build It Review in the past and you can Check Out Their Blog Here, but today i thought of addressing a couple of these myths and explain why they are not true.

Let's get started with the biggest myth of them all...

SBI Is For Beginners

Sure the block-by-block SiteBuilder is, of course, for beginners. It literally does train a "newbie," block-by-block, to build an EFFECTIVE Web page. It makes it easy to build pages that both visitors and Search Engines will love without having to know any HTML or code.

With the "all-tools-in-one-place" approach, people see how SBI! can save them time and money. Tools like Brainstorm It!, Content 2.0, Worldsubmitter, ValueExchange, Site Stats, etc.., are equal if not better than the outside available tools. Buying all those outside tools would cost hundreds more per year than SBI! does.

Once someone is ready (or if they already have the skills) they are free to use Dreamweaver and Photoshop, CSS or any other design method or tools they choose. Whatever your Look and Feel, you CAN do it in SBI!. Just crank up Photoshop and your HTML editor and do it.

SiteSell Controls Your Domain

Domains are totally under the control of the site owner (you can check Whois to see). At the end of the subscription they are always free to transfer the domain they own to another host at no charge if they choose.

Site content is simple HTML that can easily be captured and moved to another host or brought into an editor. There is no more disadvantage to SBI! hosting than anyone would have moving a site from any other web host.

Site Build It is Too Expensive

Too expensive compared to what? If it was possible to really compare apples to apples instead of apples to lemons, there would be no question about the value. Once you see what you get, SBI! would be considered a deal at 10 times the price.

Brainstorm It! uses Wordtracker as its base and then adds even more functionality. Wordtracker is $329 per year. Brainstorm It! is one of dozens of tools included in SBI!.

The SBI Private Forum is worth the annual fee in itself. Every day, 100's and 100's of folks get "personalized coaching" from this unbelievable group of people. People that started, just like you, and are now "paying it forward" because they care about you, about the SBI community and about the SBI product.

Now, i will not go through the whole list of tools and "perks" SBI as in this post, but have a look at this page (once you get there, Click on Tools), it's very impressive and will convince you that it's like nothing you've seen before.

OK, time to put this post to rest. If you ever wanted to know if SBI was for you, i can sincerely say YES. It doesn't matter if you are a very experienced webmaster or a complete newbie. The amount of value you will get with Site Build It is unmatched. Period.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brand Existing YouTube Videos With Your Links Completely Free

Have you ever wanted to use video marketing but never did because either, you didn't know how to do it, you didn't have the equipment or maybe you just had a case of stage fright...

Well, wait no more ! will let you "brand" any video you find on YouTube, Google Videos or any other source, with your own click-able "Bubble". It's very simple, takes no more then a couple of minutes to setup and more importantly, It's COMPLETELY FREE.

So you can now start promoting your product, your website or blog, or even an affiliate product, with the ever growing power of video marketing.

Send a "branded" video to your list, post it on your blog, add it to your social profiles and watch as it's passed around with your link.

Here's a quick example(29 sec.):

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Biggest Blog Contest Ever $5 200 (Cash Value) Plus
25 000 Entrecard Credits

O.k, drop everything you are doing for a few minutes and enter The Feed Flare Grand Opening Contest. It's probably the Biggest Blog Contest i've come across to date. The prize list is very impressive:

- Mini Unix web hosting package free for 1 year - Donated by BlurFur web hosting services (value - $70.00) - random draw

- Advertising voucher with Bidvertiser worth $200.00 in free clicks (value - $200.00) - random draw

- Blog branding package which includes (Favico, header, logo, 125×125 button) design package donated by Graphic Identity (value - $200.00) - random draw

- Free advertising for one month in the form of a 125×125 button on Blogging Cents. (value - $35.00) - random draw

- Win one of 3 free advertising spots on the “You Can Learn Series” blog in the form of a 125×125 ad button (value per spot - $10.00) - random draw

- Exclusive Theme donated by Unique Blog Designs (value - $99.00) there is around 10 different themes you can chose from if you win - random draw

- Win one of 2 copies of the “Written Promptly Everyday” E-Book donated by The Prompt Writer (value per book -$5.00) random draw

- Win a copy of “How to launch a profitable free lancing business for under $50.00? donated by the “Self Made Chick” (value - $12.00) random draw

- Custom banner design and the size will be of your choice donated by Dat Money (value - $50.00) random draw

- One month free 125×125 advertising on Jason Boom dot com. (value - $20.00) random draw

- Grand Prise - 25,000 Entrecard credits (one lump some, the largest amount to be given away in a contest to date) draw date is March 31st (value - not really sure but some where around $250.00 I think)

- Bonus gifts - we have 200 pages on the “One Buck Wiki” to give away - the first two hundred contest entrees will be each given one page as a bonus gift just for entering our grand opening contest. You will still be able to win any of the other prizes we have as well. The current selling price for a page on the “One Buck Wiki” is $20.00 making this our largest prize package worth over $4000.00 in cash value.

- Featured Grand Prise = $500.00 cash payable via PayPal with the draw date being March 31st. You can thank my nice income tax return for this prize!!!

Total prize packages are worth just over $5200.00 (cash value) plus the 25,000 Entrecard credits.

Not only will you find The Biggest Blog Contest Ever but you will find valuable information on Really Simple Syndication (RSS), SEO and Blogging in general.

You can also Advertise with Feed Flare for a very reasonable fee.

When you are done entering the contest, please have a look at our Featured Contest Sponsor - Dat Money and Featured Contest Sponsor - My Radical Blogs

Good Luck To All That Enter !!!

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