Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Derek Gehl's BeBiz In Review...

I just finished watching Derek Gehl's Extreme Challenge Videos and let me tell you... If you ever dreamed of launching your own Successful Internet Business, BeBiz may well be want you need. Go ahead, opt-in and watch the videos for yourself.

The first video is all about choosing a niche.

You need to not only find something that you are passionate about, but also that stands a chance of making you some money Online. The tools that Derek and his team have put together make it a step by step fail proof system. Sure, you'll need to put in some time to do the research, but keep in mind that every minute you put in this early in the process, will save you countless hours in trial and error.

Even if you are not interested by the software Derek as put together, you owe it to yourself to watch this 1st video if you are serious about starting, or running, your own Online Business.

How did you select the niche you work... or want to work?

The second video is on creating a Sales Page.

If you ever tried to write a sales page from scratch, you know how hard a process it can be. The BeBiz software will walk you through it, step by step, and give you tips when ever you need it.

Again, just watching this Free Video, you'll learn all the steps that one needs to go through to write excellent, effective Sales Copy.

The 3rd Video is all about creating a website.

You don't need to hire a web designer. You CAN do it yourself!

Any web designer can slap together a site for you... And there are TONS of website templates for sale on the Internet that you could buy and use to showcase your product or service. But there's a big difference between having a website that LOOKS good and having a website that'll actually convert your visitors into BUYERS.

Video #3 will put you on the right track.

The 4th and last video is all TRAFFIC.

Lots of it and targeted.

If you ever tried running a business Online you know that Traffic is not as easy to get as every $47 eBook makes it seem like.

This video will show you how to get traffic from both the search engines and PPC (Pay Per Click). Some of the tips he shares on this video are priceless!

Go ahead, take the time... Watch the Videos... You'll probably learn more from these FREE videos than you have from the last 10 eBooks you've read!

And if you are serious about getting a business, a Profitable Business Online, I would suggest that you take part in Derek's 28 Day Challenge. I'm sure you will like the outcome !

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Switching From GetResponse To Aweber

OK, so it's time to sign-up to Aweber... but first, let me thank both Mumprenuer and Peter for taking the time to post to their blog about Autoresponders and jumping on board.

Both posts had some very good points:

Mumprenuer says: "...Having reliable email newsletter software is essential in this day and age of spam and email filtering. Getting your message delivered 99.34% of the time is good value, in my humble opinion...."

Just as Mumprenuer points out, email delivery is so important, especially when services like YahooMail, Gmail, HotMail, etc... are all making major changes to the way YOU can receive email. Sure, nobody wants SPAM, but very often, information you requested ends up in the SPAM box, or worse, directly in the trash bin. It's a matter of playing around with the filters or "white-listing" the sender, but very few do!

And from the marketers perspective, what good is putting in time building an opt-in list and then having your emails not seen because they didn't make it to the inbox.

Then Peter points out: "...At the end of the day, the biggest factor in the value of your list is NOT which provider you use, but how well you build a relationship with your list and retain the subscribers who are truly interested in what you have to give them."

And I think Peter is absolutely right! Too many marketers forget, or even ignore this. It's all in the relationship you build, in the value you give and in the information you share. How many times have you opt-in some-body's list just to get bombarded with affiliate after affiliate products?

Just yesterday, I opt-in to receive a product in a giveaway and this guy sent me not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 5 emails pushing different clickbank products...All In The Same Day! Do you think I bought something? Absolutely not, I unsubscribed of his list... well I tried... You see he's with GetResponse...

That is one of the reasons I'm switching from GetResponse to Aweber... I've seen it happen too many times... I click the link to unsubscribe and the link doesn't work! So what now... Sure I agree, it's not much work to delete is emails as soon as they come in or even ban is email address, but it's still aggravating!

So, sometimes I wonder if people have problems unsubscribing from my GetResponse lists? Because I don't get many of them, not that I want them, but... Are people just deleting my emails? No Clue ! My open rate is pretty much "industry standard".

You see, I would love to learn a bit more from the people that leave my lists... Why are they doing it... Do I email too often? Don't they find value in my emails? Are they to long? To short? Do I promote too many products?

Those are all questions that could be answered with a little survey you send them when they hit the unsubscribe button. Sure, not all will respond, they just unsubscribed for God's Sake, but many will... and will provide you with invaluable information.

That's one reason and another Big One is... you guessed it, SPAM complaints...

I get them, everybody gets them! Can't say I get many of them, but from time to time, I get them! And, again like Peter mentions in his post: "...Because Aweber is more strict with requiring double opt-in, I would assume their reputation with the ISP's is better than that of GetResponse, who might have more "spammy" clients affecting the reputation of their sending servers... .and thus spoiling the reputation for all GetResponse clients".

So, from know on, everybody will be Double Opt-in... Just saves many headaches!

Again, since I don't want to bash GetResponse, I'm going to leave it at this... and since I only have 2 "official" entries, which both provided quality content, I'll flip a coin to see who I subscribe to Aweber under...

Note that this flip is supervised by my 2 boys...

(Mumprenuer: Lady's Face - Peter: Bird)
(I'm flipping a CDN 1$ coin (loony)) and the boys are 41/2 and 3... ;-)

(drum roll please)

Lady's Face !

Congratulations Mumprenuer, You Win ! I'll let you know when I have joined Aweber... It will be sometime today!

Peter, I thank you again for taking the time to do this and I will try and get in touch with you for an unadvertised participating gift...

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

2 Important Reminders...
You Have Till Sunday Night...

Since this is probably the first weekend that everybody will start "playing outside" (well, at least in the northern hemisphere!), I'll keep this short and sweet...

First, did you enter my little "Aweber Competition" yet... The prize is me as a referral and Recurring Affiliate Commission for YOU... Make sure to check it out here...

Second, did you sign up for Derek Gehl's FREE "Build-a-Biz" video training series! (read this post for more info)

The first video is being released next Monday (April 21st). -- but is ONLY available to people who registered for it...
You can still register right now by going here

That's It... Next post you get is going to be the one where I announce who I'm going to sign-up to Aweber under! Have A Great Weekend...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Autoresponders... Out With Get Response...
In With Aweber...

Well, that's it... I've had enough !

First let me say, this is not a post to bash Get Response. They have provided me with what I consider Good Autoresponder services for a while now, but i feel it's time I move on. I will not entirely give them up, because I'll need to re-opt-in every single member of my different lists, again. And we know that not all people will take the time, or want, to follow me to Aweber.

So here is where you come in...

Let Me Subscribe To Aweber Through YOU !

I will be subscribing to Aweber next Monday, April 21 2008, and I want to sign-up under you. You would then get the Recurring Affiliate Commission !

Here is what you need to do...

1) Subscribe to this blog by email (top right corner)

2) Post on your blog why, in your opinion, Aweber or autoresponders in general, are a must have tool for any Online Business and link it back in anyway you like to this post. (Also, Add your Affiliate Link somewhere in your post so I can eventually sign-up... If you Win !)

3) Finally, leave a comment here with the link to the post.

You Have till Sunday, April 20th 2008, Midnight to get in.

Next Monday, I will choose one entry, explain why and subscribe to Aweber through their link ! You will get a link back to your blog and Monthly Recurring Income from Aweber... (for a long time cause I don't plan on switching ever again! ;-))

Good Luck To All !

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Never Seen Before... Will He Fall Flat On His Face...

I've never seen nor heard of anything like this before. One of the top Internet Marketers just got challenged by some angry blog reader to PROVE that it's possible to start a money-making online business in ONE WEEK OR LESS, without is team, is assistants or any outside help.


I'm sure you've heard of him before, his name is Derek Gehl from IMC - The Internet Marketing Center, and he's putting is reputation on the line!

Derek is going to start a brand-new business 100% from scratch in less than ONE WEEK -- and he's going to film the entire process and turn it into a FREE Video Course, so you can see how easily it can be done!

Derek will release the complete "X-Treme Challenge" video course over a four-day period: April 21-24th.

These videos will be Absolutely FREE, but will only be made available to people who sign up for Derek's notification list. And at a rate of 6000 people/day signing up, make sure to head over there right now before he closes the door to this great learning opportunity.

So if you want to learn how to build a Money-Making Online Business in ONE WEEK OR LESS, starting with no website, no product, no list, no big shot programmers, then I Urge You To Watch this Short Video And Sign Up

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Are Your PPC Costs Too High...

SpeedPPC - PPC Marketing at Warp Speed

Are your PPC costs too high for you to make a profit?

Are you having trouble finding keywords that are cheap enough?

Are you having trouble figuring out WHICH keywords are profitable?

You can solve all these problems by using SpeedPPC 3.

I’ve been using SpeedPPC to roll out PPC campaigns since it came out last year and I love it.

SpeedPPC isn’t merely about doing stuff faster. It’s all about being productive and effective - lowering click-through costs, precisely tracking keywords and ad groups and landing pages so you know which keyword in which ad group and which dyamically created landing page are actually giving you the best ROI - so you can quickly dump the stuff that isn’t performing. As I’m sure you know, this is huge important, because you don’t want to waste time and money on keywords that aren’t performing.

The earlier version of SpeedPPC was good, but the new improved version is simply fantastic. You can even launch multiple campaigns. In minutes you can churn out multiple campaigns with multiple ad groups. You can even have one keyword per ad group if you wish.

You can use it for AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing campaigns.

Version 3 has a whole lot of incredibly useful new features - far too many to describe here. It’s no wonder this system is getting so many rave reviews. Have a look at the 40 testimonails on the website. If you’re into PPC marketing, you’re bound to recognize some of the names of PPC marketers who love SpeedPPC.

Have a look and make sure to watch the video,
I’m sure you’ll be impressed

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Become A Beta User For Mike Filsaime...

When you hear the name Mike Filsaime, you right away think Viral Marketing. After all, he's the guy that pretty much coined the phrase with is famous Butterfly Marketing.

Well, I have GREAT NEWS for you !

Mike Filsaine and Rod Beckwith are Beta testing their latest Online Venture.


I heard of "Moving the Free Line", but this is WAY over the top. You see, Mike has always understood the power of providing free high quality information to people. He also understands the power of branding the reports and allowing others to give them away for you.

Mike and Rod are giving away (as in for free) one brand new, brandable report every month, complete with high quality ecover, that YOU can brand with your affiliate information. Then you can take those reports and give them to your list, or use them as in incentive to gain new subscribers.

These reports are not only high quality, but they are available for many different niches!

And not only can you get these reports for free - you can also contribute your OWN original reports to the directory for others to download and give away.

You see what I mean when I say Mike Filsaime wants to help you become an expert?

SO, don't wait, It goes live today in BETA, and it is sure to take Viral Marketing and List Building to a new level for you, me, and every Internet Marketer.

And... It is free to join and use.

Since it is in Beta, we get to join, try to break it, offer feedback, and use it before anyone else. We all know it's a matter of time before it explodes and goes main stream.

If you want to become a Beta User like me and also become a Charter and Founding member, just join like I did today.
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