Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just Received WebSite Magazine February Issue

Today I received my February issue of WebSite Magazine (only print magazine for website and blog owners) (get your Free Subscription Here) and I must say that this month's content is very interesting to say the least.

The cover story is on Web Analytics and how you can better understand your website and your visitors by analyzing some basic web stats.

What most new and not so new webmasters do is check their traffic stats and don't do much with it. By digging a bit deeper you will find valuable information that will help you and your site get ahead of the game faster.

Here are key elements to look for:

Website Traffic: Traffic is a very broad term and many variables come into play here. What you want to look for is Unique visitors and Page Views. Unique Visitors is the only true measure of your site's audience size and Page Views is the best way of finding out how interactive the page and website is.

Conversions: A conversion is the completion of a predefined activity, whether it be the purchase of a product, the completion of a lead form or simply downloading a free file. By keeping an eye on this stat you will be able to test multiple variables and fine tune your "call to action pitch".

Referrals: The most important part of tracking referrals is not as much tracking which sources send the most traffic but the ones that don't send decent traffic. If you work long hours on your Social Media profiles for example and you don't see much quality traffic from it, you will need to change what you are doing or spend a bit less time on this and a bit more on what is bringing you traffic.

Bounce Rate: Pin-pointing exactly why your visitors Bounced can be very difficult if not impossible, without the chance to survey them. Poorly designed and unprofessional appearing websites are the most common causes. Slow loading pages, poor targeting or even improper optimization can also be reasons for high bounce rates.

Before tweaking and making adjustments to your sites, you should always have a way of tracking the results. Proper use and study of your Website Analytics will let you know what is working and what is not. Keep an eye on those Stats...

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