Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Call With Yanik Silver, Darren Rowse, Rosalind Gardner, Andy Jenkins and Sydney Johnston

O.k, if you've been on the Internet looking for information on how to earn income Online, I'm sure you've heard of these five high profile Internet Marketers.

Yanik Silver, Instant Sales Letter, 33 Days to Online Profits, Public Domain Riches, Autoresponder Magic, just launched is first "real" book called Moonlighting on the Internet and he invited is friends, who are also contributors in his new book, to discuss their Online businesses during a teleconference call.

Darren Rowse, talked about Blogging for money and Blogging in general. It was a very interesting discussion.

Rosalind Gardner, Super Affiliate Handbook (A Must To Take Your Affiliate Sales to a Whole New Level) , discussed how she got in the Affiliate Marketing business and shared some great advice. Rosalind as been earning a very good income and making a living as a Full Time Affiliate Marketer for 10 years now.

Andy Jenkins, Yahoo Store Builder, went on to talk about Yahoo Stores and ecommerce in general. I wouldn't start an eStore without hearing and applying what this guy as to share.

Sidney Jonhston, Auction Genius Course, was the last co-author speaker of the night. Sidney is the leading authority when it comes to Online auctions and eBay. She's been an eBay seller since the very beginning and you will learn a lot from this call alone.

The call was held last week but Yanik decided to make it available to those who missed it as a recording. The call lasted a little over 2 hours and i must say, it was worth every minute.

You can get the recording here, no opt-in, no email, no sales pitch (except maybe a couple of plugs for is new book))

Not sure how long the recording will be offered, so get it today !

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