Monday, May 26, 2008

Entrecard Updates And Free eBook...

Add more blogs to your Entrecard account

Entrecard has now made it possible to add as many blogs to your account as you like. Many thought that this feature should of been available from the get go, but for some unknown reason, it wasn't!

Log-in and click "Linked Blogs" in your Dashboard navigation. You will be able to choose whether to link your account with another existing account, or to register a new blog and automatically link it to your account.

You can switch from one blog to another, and drop or advertise as either one, from the very top right of your Entrecard screen. Where your email address is displayed there will be a link to switch to another account of yours.

Entrecard Official eBook

Just released, Newbies, intermediate or advanced users, all will find the information they need to maximise their Entrecard experience.

You can download it here:

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