Thursday, May 1, 2008

AllTheInfoYouNeed eZine
And Free Access To My eBook Library

The AllTheInfoYouNeed - eZine - and access to my eBook Library (more then 35 titles to Download)

Sometimes, you just want to tell it like it is and hear it like it is... Even when you know that a couple of feathers are going to be ruffled up.

Over the years, it seems like hype and fluff have been common practice among Online Retailers and Marketers. Sometimes, I feel retailers and marketers of all kinds take us for complete idiots!!!

Yeah, you've seen the claims: "drink this and you'll run a marathon next month", "eat one of these every day and you'll loose 10 pounds in a week", "this book is just like your own ATM machine", and it goes on and on.

That type of behavior is pretty much the reason why I created, and publish, AllTheInfoYouNeed - eZine - (and give you access to my eBook Library)

And, I Tell It Like It Is... No Hype... No Fluff... No B.S.

If it's good stuff, I'll tell it to you... if it's bad stuff, I'll definitely tell it to you. And in both cases, I'll tell you why.

In each eZine Edition, you will get the most precise, up to date and concrete information on a given subject related to "Doing Business on the Internet". Note that I didn't say "making money" on the Internet. Because it's not all about "making money"... It's about building relationships, it's about writing for the Internet, it's about finding prospects... and whole lot more!!!

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