Monday, April 7, 2008

Are Your PPC Costs Too High...

SpeedPPC - PPC Marketing at Warp Speed

Are your PPC costs too high for you to make a profit?

Are you having trouble finding keywords that are cheap enough?

Are you having trouble figuring out WHICH keywords are profitable?

You can solve all these problems by using SpeedPPC 3.

I’ve been using SpeedPPC to roll out PPC campaigns since it came out last year and I love it.

SpeedPPC isn’t merely about doing stuff faster. It’s all about being productive and effective - lowering click-through costs, precisely tracking keywords and ad groups and landing pages so you know which keyword in which ad group and which dyamically created landing page are actually giving you the best ROI - so you can quickly dump the stuff that isn’t performing. As I’m sure you know, this is huge important, because you don’t want to waste time and money on keywords that aren’t performing.

The earlier version of SpeedPPC was good, but the new improved version is simply fantastic. You can even launch multiple campaigns. In minutes you can churn out multiple campaigns with multiple ad groups. You can even have one keyword per ad group if you wish.

You can use it for AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing campaigns.

Version 3 has a whole lot of incredibly useful new features - far too many to describe here. It’s no wonder this system is getting so many rave reviews. Have a look at the 40 testimonails on the website. If you’re into PPC marketing, you’re bound to recognize some of the names of PPC marketers who love SpeedPPC.

Have a look and make sure to watch the video,
I’m sure you’ll be impressed

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