Thursday, January 24, 2008

Drive Traffic To Your Blog
With BlogRush

Celeb Internet Marketer John Reese is the brains behind BlogRush, a content syndication network that will send targeted traffic to your Blog for Free.

You simply add a small Widget to your Blog and it will show your latest Blog Post Headlines (from your feed) on other peoples Widgets, in category specific websites from the network. It is a Free service and if you never heard of BlogRush or want to learn exactly how it works, have a look at this Instructional Video from their home page.

You will earn 1 credit every time a page loads on your blog. Therefore, your latest post will be shown 1 time on other blogs with the widget. So if your blog has 50 page-views, your post headline will be published 50 times within the widgets on other blogs.

Note that BlogRush is only available in English and will not support adult related content.

I've been displaying the Widget on this Blog (scroll down a bit and to your right) and also on a couple of other niche Blogs I have, and I can say that I have seen a steady stream of traffic from it. I suggest you have a look at it and see if this is right for you and your Online Business.

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chamika said...

I like your story.


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