Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Lesson In Entrepreneurship From EntreCard's Graham Langdon

Today's post is inspired by the situation going on at EntreCard, the most popular blogging widget around and it's founder, Graham Langdon.

Last week, Graham decided to list EntreCard for sale on SitePoint. Don't worry, those that have not followed the story, it's since been taken off the auction bloc and is no longer for sale.

Cash flow at EntreCard was low, liquidity needs to keep developing high and M. Langdon thought that the only way he had left to see is baby to maturity was to auction it off! You can read his post here

Well, for all the aspiring entrepreneurs reading this post...


Whether you do business Online or Offline, that's what business is all about...

I'm sure if we'd interview The Branson's(Virgin), Gates(Microsoft), Jobs(Apple), Trump(Trump), Oprah(Harpo) and the whole Forbes 400 list, we'd get stories relating to what this 22 year old Online business man is living.

What makes the difference between the Forbes 400 list and the tens of thousands that don't succeed in business is the way they respond, the way they react to these situations. I'm sure Phil Knight(Nike) almost gave up numerous times before is running shoes where worn by Michael Jordan... even after they made it to the feet of the greatest basketball player of all times he was faced with decisions that could've taken the whole ship down... but he kept going...

My point is this, if Graham Langdon accepted an offer for is beloved the website we have learned to love, and sometimes hate, would never be the same. I'm not saying it couldn't of been better, or worse, I'm saying it couldn't of been EntreCard, the widget, the community, the vision this young man once had of HIS online business!

I'm really happy Graham decided to push forward (read the post here) and I wish him the best... and I look forward to seeing EntreCard grow... and make him loads of $$$

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Graham said...

flattering :)

Shari Thomas said...

Welcome to "entrepreneurial terror". Until you've experienced it, you're not really an entrepreneur in my book.

I've been there a couple of times, and while it's no fun, it is necessary. Kind of like "hitting the wall" when you're running long distance, as in a marathon.

Once you break through, there's an unexplainable euphoria.

I'm not surprised by Graham's new-found energy and enthusiasm. He's got an excellent product that will continue to grow as the blogosphere expands.

Now, if we could just get some other folks who stick out out, and break through the wall. Then, even more will see success!

Pete said...

@ Graham... thanks for stopping by...

@ Shari... Great comment :)

and you are absolutely right when you say more people would see success if only they broke through "the wall"...

Great analogy!

Regards, Pete