Friday, August 15, 2008

A Powerful 3 Word Formula To Help Increase Your Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Relevancy – Content – Copy

Though it consists of just 3 simple words, it’s not that easy to master. However once you’ve mastered and combined them into one force, your click-through rate WILL massively skyrocket from your current levels.

Here’s something to think about…

There are hundreds of message boards or forum online. Each forum is geared towards a certain topic or interest and those who register are obviously interested in that particular subject. Every now and then, someone may make a post and will introduce this by labeling it as an ‘off topic’ subject. The point here is that the poster knows before hand that the subject of his post is out of context and so ‘apologizes’ for the post.

The subject of this Blog is on making money Online from home. If I suddenly told you about how to make my grandma’s secret recipe you’ll think that I was losing my mind. At least you’ll look for the lesson from what I told you. If there was none then this will confirm your belief.

If you blog on subjects that are totally unrelated to your readers interests then you’ll likely lose credibility.

Every magazine covers a particular subject and you expect the editor to keep foreign stuff out. In this case you are your very own editor and should write to the interest of your readership.

In other words, be relevant! Give them what they want, remember?

Content is what remains after you’ve stripped away all the ‘fluff’.

For example, right now you are reading this post. The words go together to form sentences and the sentences express complete thoughts – hopefully ;-) What you really want are not the sentences but the ideas that they express. That’s the content.

I’m sure that you’ve listened to speeches or presentation where the person said a lot but you were left with nothing in the end. Some people refer to this as a lot of hot air - just a lot of sentences but no new ideas.

Your subscribers will be after content.

If there is just a lot of flavor but no nutrition then you’ll be filling them with a lot of junk food posts.

Your readers will look forward to reading your stuff if you can give them solid information that will bring added value to their businesses and lives.

It’s not that much of a revelation that content is king not only for the search engines but for your profits as well.

By ‘copy’ we mean the art of writing persuasively.

Yes copywriting applies to blogging as well. You must understand the hot buttons that motivates subscribers to take action and click through the links in your posts or your emails for that matter.

There is a formula that you can follow which we’ll discuss later but you must be aware that a post that aims to get people to take action must be carefully crafted.

On the surface the post may appear to be a simple message but the writer must know that there are psychological triggers within that copy that will get people to act.

The basis of writing good copy is to realize that your subscribers have mental barriers that must be broken through if they are going to buy your products or services.

These are some of the main objections that you have to address when you need them to take a desired action, for example:

- "I can't afford it.”

You must show them that they are getting more value than the price they are paying right now. It’s best to show a dollar example of how the product can save them or make them more money or whatever benefit you are promising.

- “How do I know you're qualified to make this offer?"

Show that you are qualified to make the offer by listing your qualifications, experiences.

- "I don't believe you."

Testimonials of others who used your product or the product you are promoting will help to dispel this one. If it works for others, they’ll think, then it can work for me too.

- "I don't need it right now … maybe later."

You must provide an incredible incentive to act now by adding bonuses for the early birds or show that it's limited quantities. Show what they will continue to be like if they don’t get the product.

- "I doubt this will work for me"

Again testimonials will help to dispel this one. Be sure that your testimonials have “average Joe’s” that used the product and had great results.

- "What will happen if I don't like it?"

Here is where you must provide a strong money-back guarantee. The stronger and longer the guarantee the more you’ll help them over this barrier.

- “You don't really understand my problem."

Try to show how much like your potential customer you are. How you’ve walked in their shoes and know where the painful spots are but most of all have the solution.

Keep in mind that people are motivated to buy based on their emotions and justify their purchase later by using logic.

You have to appeal to your readers emotions first before logic.

The two primal motivators are…

The hope of gain and the fear of loss.

Fear of loss is the stronger of the two. In other words people will be more motivated to save the money they already have than gain more money.

Here are the ways in which you must show that the product or service will benefit your readers: to increase wealth, to look better, to be popular, to reach inner peace, to have more time, to be secure and to have more fun. These are the things that people ultimately want so show how your product will eventually help your following to achieve these things.

It’s not difficult to learn the principles of writing good copy but it takes practice to get the feel of the methods. With continual practice and some trial and error you’ll soon discover what approaches works best with your readers.

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