Monday, April 21, 2008

Switching From GetResponse To Aweber

OK, so it's time to sign-up to Aweber... but first, let me thank both Mumprenuer and Peter for taking the time to post to their blog about Autoresponders and jumping on board.

Both posts had some very good points:

Mumprenuer says: "...Having reliable email newsletter software is essential in this day and age of spam and email filtering. Getting your message delivered 99.34% of the time is good value, in my humble opinion...."

Just as Mumprenuer points out, email delivery is so important, especially when services like YahooMail, Gmail, HotMail, etc... are all making major changes to the way YOU can receive email. Sure, nobody wants SPAM, but very often, information you requested ends up in the SPAM box, or worse, directly in the trash bin. It's a matter of playing around with the filters or "white-listing" the sender, but very few do!

And from the marketers perspective, what good is putting in time building an opt-in list and then having your emails not seen because they didn't make it to the inbox.

Then Peter points out: "...At the end of the day, the biggest factor in the value of your list is NOT which provider you use, but how well you build a relationship with your list and retain the subscribers who are truly interested in what you have to give them."

And I think Peter is absolutely right! Too many marketers forget, or even ignore this. It's all in the relationship you build, in the value you give and in the information you share. How many times have you opt-in some-body's list just to get bombarded with affiliate after affiliate products?

Just yesterday, I opt-in to receive a product in a giveaway and this guy sent me not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 5 emails pushing different clickbank products...All In The Same Day! Do you think I bought something? Absolutely not, I unsubscribed of his list... well I tried... You see he's with GetResponse...

That is one of the reasons I'm switching from GetResponse to Aweber... I've seen it happen too many times... I click the link to unsubscribe and the link doesn't work! So what now... Sure I agree, it's not much work to delete is emails as soon as they come in or even ban is email address, but it's still aggravating!

So, sometimes I wonder if people have problems unsubscribing from my GetResponse lists? Because I don't get many of them, not that I want them, but... Are people just deleting my emails? No Clue ! My open rate is pretty much "industry standard".

You see, I would love to learn a bit more from the people that leave my lists... Why are they doing it... Do I email too often? Don't they find value in my emails? Are they to long? To short? Do I promote too many products?

Those are all questions that could be answered with a little survey you send them when they hit the unsubscribe button. Sure, not all will respond, they just unsubscribed for God's Sake, but many will... and will provide you with invaluable information.

That's one reason and another Big One is... you guessed it, SPAM complaints...

I get them, everybody gets them! Can't say I get many of them, but from time to time, I get them! And, again like Peter mentions in his post: "...Because Aweber is more strict with requiring double opt-in, I would assume their reputation with the ISP's is better than that of GetResponse, who might have more "spammy" clients affecting the reputation of their sending servers... .and thus spoiling the reputation for all GetResponse clients".

So, from know on, everybody will be Double Opt-in... Just saves many headaches!

Again, since I don't want to bash GetResponse, I'm going to leave it at this... and since I only have 2 "official" entries, which both provided quality content, I'll flip a coin to see who I subscribe to Aweber under...

Note that this flip is supervised by my 2 boys...

(Mumprenuer: Lady's Face - Peter: Bird)
(I'm flipping a CDN 1$ coin (loony)) and the boys are 41/2 and 3... ;-)

(drum roll please)

Lady's Face !

Congratulations Mumprenuer, You Win ! I'll let you know when I have joined Aweber... It will be sometime today!

Peter, I thank you again for taking the time to do this and I will try and get in touch with you for an unadvertised participating gift...

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Mumprenuer said...

Wow Pete...or should I say Thanks to your boys (wink).

I'm sure you'll be pleased with Aweber..I've been using them for some time now and have no complaints at all.